Transition Day

On Thursday the 11th of July, we welcomed our first Year 7 cohort to Katherine Warington’s transition day. Both staff and students had so much fun taking part in the carousel of activities and we were all keen to finally meet each other! Students arrived from 8am and started gathering in their form groups. There was a lot of hustle and bustle in Park Hall as students got to meet their form tutors and began making new friends. Mr Smith then delivered an assembly to welcome everyone where he expressed how important it was to take this day as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Once the activities started, the day ran like clockwork as students showed they could be safe and sensible even when taking part in challenging, active and at points noisy activities! Mrs Robinson, our Art teacher, had planned a fantastic challenge where students used milk bottle tops and balloons to create pull and go cars. They then raced the cars at the end to determine winners. Things got rather frantic when Mrs Robinson yelled ‘GO!’ Mrs Coomber our Head of Maths planned a creative puzzle involving marshmallows and spaghetti. Both of these activities challenged our students as young, up and coming engineers! It was at times too tempting not to eat the equipment though…

All students got their chance to let off some steam in Harpenden Sports Hall as Mrs Anderson our Maths and PE teacher led the students in a variety of competitive games. The music was booming and the students thoroughly enjoyed it arriving to their next activities red faced! Other activities included a Spanish session run by Mrs Creamer, Drama run by Mr Church and we managed to get as many students as we could into the University of Hertfordshire’s Planetarium. Students learnt about our solar system and looked up at the night sky, even though it was 24 degrees outside.

To finish the event, students were asked to document this important day by writing a letter to their future selves as part of their English session with Mrs Aikman, our Head of English. Students showed impeccable behaviour as all the students completed the activity in silence, diligently sealing their letters away, ready to be opened in Year 11! This will act as our own little time capsule so we can all remember this significant moment in our school’s history. Mrs Anderson even wrote her own as she thought carefully about her first impressions of Blue form!

It is important we say a huge thank you to the staff that supported us as not only did support staff from KWS come along to help our students as they made their first step into secondary school. We were also lucky enough to have the entire Links outreach team there to help us. We really couldn’t have put on such a fabulous day for the students without this support. It is also important to say thank you to parents for getting all of the right information to us so we could ensure as smooth a transition day as possible.

We hope students were able to come home and tell you they had a positive experience and made some new friends. Hopefully, now students are able to look forward with anticipation to September as they become fully fledged Katherine Warington students.

Single Joiners Evening

On Monday the 1st of July, Katherine Warington School invited our single joiners to an event
held at Sir John Lawes School. While there are some feeder schools providing lots of students
to us in September, there are other schools where only one or two students are joining us.
The event aimed to ensure that students coming on their own or with very few friends from
their current school got the opportunity to meet students from their new Year 7 cohort.

Mr Church was kind enough to come along and engage students' team work and listening
skills with a drama activity and I was brave enough to invite the students to decorate purple
themed cakes in celebration of our new school colours! Students were really sensible when
undertaking these practical activities and they had the opportunity to make some new friends
along the way.

It was nice to see students swapping numbers at the end of the event and we hope they are
looking forward to meeting again on the 11th July as part of our transition day.

Thank you to all the staff who came along to support students and take part in the question
and answer session at the end. We also want to say a big thank you to Sir John
Lawes for allowing us to use their facilities.

Students certainly used their creative skills in the kitchen as you can see from the photos

Mrs Aikman
Head of Year 7

Site Photographs – June 2019

Parent Information Evening Slides

Please see below for the slides and other information covered at our Parent Information Evening on Thursday 27th June 2019.

The link to the Google Form to confirm pick up arrangements for Transition Day is –

The Travel Plan and Bus Strategy Improvement Plan can be found by clicking here.

Information regarding Chromebooks and the Purchase of one can be found by clicking here.

KWS Site Photographs – June 2019

We have received some Photographs from Kier that are available here –

There is also a Drone Video available here –




This Week – 10th June 2019

My time has been taken up with buying a minibus for KWS, meetings and visiting our new students at the junior schools.

On the Friday as we broke up for half term, several of the governors and I went up to the DfE for our ‘Ready to Open’ meeting. Not only was the DfE building eerily deserted, so it seemed was most of London. Thankfully the climate march added numbers to the infrastructure as they strode past parliament with lots of students on the march.

I was back there a few days later to take advantage of a rather unique experience, a visit to No10! Not a lone visitor, but part of a group of Headteachers and sponsors who are opening new schools this September and the following year. I have to say having swapped a few stories with others present, I reflected on the long journey to get to where we are today. I was just beginning to tingle with a feeling of self-righteousness when Theresa walked in, and if there’s anyone who has shown resilience ……….She spoke well. I resolved to stop being quite so sanctimonious, got a quick photo of myself outside the front door and scuttled back to the underground.

We have asked some catering companies to tender for the food offering at KWS. We aim to provide a healthy balanced choice of foods and to provide a service with a low environmental impact as we will focus on recycling, reducing food waste, no single use plastics and minimal food miles. We aim to provide a variety of foods to meet all dietary requirements. Oh, and the food needs to be tasty!

Slowly getting around schools to visit our students now that their SATS are over. I have to say that the schools and staff are very welcoming and the students are fantastic.

Our next events are a parents evening on 27th June at Roundwood (further details will be sent out shortly) and a single joiners evening for those students who are coming in ones or twos from junior school on 1st July at SJL.

Finally, the new website is up and we are slowly populating it with content so please have a good look through. If you spot any typos, don’t be shy in letting us know at

Kier News May 2019

Please click below to download the latest newsletter from Kier:

This Week – 22nd May 2019

Things are moving so quickly, that I have been remiss and not written anything for a few weeks. So, let me make amends.

We have begun to visit schools to meet students joining us in September. It will take us a good few weeks to see everyone as our intake has reached our expected number of 180. It is a real delight to see the enthusiasm and engagement of students as they complete their SATs and look forward to transition to secondary school, the next step in their education journey.

Last week I spent a day with one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors from Ofsted as she looked at all our plans for opening in September. It was a really enjoyable day because I got to talk about all our values, our hopes and the passion of our staff, parents, students and the community to ensure this school supports everyone to exceed their own expectations. Kier allowed us to set up base in their committee room on site and you would be forgiven for thinking that the soundtrack of heavy machinery rumbling past thoroughly suited the discussion about developing students to thrive in a changing world.

When I’m not visiting schools to meet our first student intake, I’ve been appointing support staff. As I hoped, people of exceptional quality have been watching and patiently waiting to offer their considerable skills to drive our school forward. It’s been a delight to appoint a Chief Financial Officer, senior administrator, school administrator, receptionist and finance manager, all joining us between now and September. It has also been humbling to say no to some exceptional candidates, whom I sincerely hope remain interested in working with us as we grow. In the coming weeks we will advertise for teaching assistants, caretaker and cleaner.

We are working on a new version of the website which will go live in the next couple of weeks. It will have all our policies, curriculum, behaviour expectations, how we will handle students medical needs and much more. Alas, it won’t have photos of our students but we will remedy that in September.

On 27th June, we will hold a parents’ evening for our ‘founding’ parents, whose children join us from September. We will provide more information on our Camp Wilderness adventure, music lessons, how to purchase a Chromebook through the school (we hope to encourage every student to have one) and Katherine Warington School Transition Day on July 11th.

Finally, the building programme is running to schedule and Phase One is on track for hand over to us on 19thSeptember. Phase Two remains on track for completion in the summer of 2020.

Welcome to Katherine Warington School Letter

Please find attached an email that went out to all parents of Students joining us in September 2019.

Kier – April Newsletter

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