• We aim to provide the highest quality teaching and learning to meet the needs and expectations of the Harpenden Community.

  • The Harpenden Secondary Schools Trust (HSST) members are Roundwood Park School, Sir John Lawes School, St George’s School, The University of Hertfordshire and Rothamsted Research.

  • We will benefit from the excellence and expertise in leadership and management already firmly established in the existing three Harpenden secondary schools.

Welcome to Katherine Warington School

Welcome to the website for the Katherine Warington School. The secondary school will be a fourth school for Harpenden and it is being set up by a partnership of the existing three secondary schools, the University of Hertfordshire and Rothamsted Research (who together form the Trust). The Governors of the three existing schools, having taken increased numbers over the last decade, decided that it was not feasible nor desirable for the current schools to continually expand. The solution was to put a proposal to the Education and Skills Funding Agency to commission a new secondary school. Hertfordshire County Council agreed to purchase the land for the school. And that brings us to where we are now – the proposal has a principal designate, governors, accountants and lawyers driving it forward. The site is bought and final legal hurdles will be cleared in time for building work to commence this summer in time to open the school in September 2019.

Please take some time to have a look around the website. It is slowly being populated with information as events unfold. As we get closer to opening, the site will carry regular updates on the build, uniform, staff recruitment, curriculum and more.

Philip Waters – Chair

Latest news

I am the founding headteacher of Katherine Warington School.  This takes up some of my time. For the rest I am based at Roundwood Park, my previous employer, where I was Deputy Head and Director of Operations. I still oversee the business side of Roundwood Park School and will be teaching Key Stage 3 from this September. If you’d like to find out a little more about the other members of the Trust, please go to the ‘About Us’ section of the website.

As the Katherine Warington School project moves forward, I will post new developments as they happen.

FAQ’s from Open Day 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open Day on Saturday 6th October and a big thanks to everyone who gave me a hand and to Rothamsted for hosting the event.

I was asked a series of questions by parents during the event and thought it might be useful to make these and the answers available to everyone.

1) Should I put KWS as my first preference on my application form?

The application process for this year is that you have 4 preferences in Hertfordshire AND you can also apply to KWS. In effect, it’s a free additional choice. This is because the Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education is not in place. The timeline for any school, is that the Funding Agreement is in place by January or February prior to the school opening. On March 1st, National Offer Day, places permitting you will be offered a place at one of your 4 preferences and a place at KWS and then you can decide which to accept. If you do not get offered at place straight away at KWS, it is important to remain on the continued interest list.

2) How do I apply to KWS?

Please visit out website – https://kwschool.co.uk/admissions/ and complete the application form and return it to HCC.

For more questions please see the full FAQ’s here – FAQs Open Day 2018

Kier Slides from Open Day 2018 – Kier Open Day 2018 Slides

Kier 278 Highways Works – Kier Site Highways Works

Permission to Appeal Denied. Katherine Warington School goes ahead.

The Court of Appeal has denied permission for Right School Right Place to appeal against the High Court Judgment made on August 2nd in relation to the planning permission for the new secondary school in Harpenden.

The Judge stated that the Appellant identified seven grounds of appeal. He concluded that ‘they do not, either individually or cumulatively, have any real prospect of success’. He continued, ‘ Nor can I see any other compelling reason why this Court should hear this appeal’.

This judgement (made on 25 September 2018) concludes the ability for any party to legally challenge the planning decision reached by Hertfordshire County Council.

Works on site should start this year and the school will open in September 2019.

Philip Waters Chair of the Trust said:

‘This is wonderful news and a great relief that we will after all be able to open in September 2019 and meet the demand of Harpenden families in a peak year for secondary places. The wider community will be pleased that this matter is now resolved.

Founding Headteacher Tony Smith said ‘The legal process has run its true course. Every side of the issue has had their chance to comment and challenge. We can, for the sake of local children in Harpenden finally begin to build the school that is needed so much. Concerned parents will be incredibly relieved at this news. We are delighted, it feels like Christmas has come early this year.’

Hertfordshire County Council’s Terry Douris, Executive Member for Education, in welcoming the news said:

“We are pleased to learn of the outcome of the Judge’s decision not to grant the appeal, which I am sure will come as a great relief to many local parents. We will continue to support the Harpenden Secondary Education Trust and the DfE as they work towards a successful opening in September 2019.”

Naming of the school

Harpenden Secondary Education Trust proudly announces the chosen name of the new secondary school to be built in Harpenden. The school will be called the Katherine Warington School after the scientist who lived in Harpenden for 90 years and pioneered research into the beneficial impact of boron and boric acid on plant and bean fertility during her working life at Rothamsted Research.

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Appointment of the Lead Contractor

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has approved the appointment of Kier as the Lead Contractor for the Katherine Warington School. The appointment of Kier follows a competitive tendering process to select a contractor.

Kier will now lead on the design and planning application to build facilities for the Katherine Warington School, located at a site at the corner of Common Lane and Lower Luton Road.

The ESFA will work with the Harpenden Secondary Education Trust, Kier and Hertfordshire County Council, as Education Authority, to submit a planning application.

Kier will also be responsible for the construction of the new facilities, with the aim of providing the first facilities on-site for September 2019.

The contractor intends to hold a full pre-application consultation before any plans are submitted. Details of this will follow.

Visits continue by members of the Trust education sub-committee to other new schools that have opened in the last five years, to identify good practice (in other words pinch any good ideas we can see as being proven to work).

The marketing sub-committee is in discussion with uniform suppliers regarding the style, design and pricing of the new school uniform. 

Admissions Policy

The Trust has published the agreed admissions policy with the EFA which explains the application method for prospective students who wish to join the school in September 2019.  For more information please refer to the Admissions page of the website.

The website is developing and more content will be added as we move closer to opening.

Tony Smith, Founding Headteacher

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