Camp Wilderness Evacuation

Our Camp Wilderness adventure was cut short today due to torrential rain and the continuing deterioration of conditions on site. At the point at which I made the decision to evacuate, rain was forecast for the afternoon, into the evening and into the following morning. Delaying the decision at that stage could have meant that we would have had to evacuate in darkness. The safety of students and staff is of paramount importance.

The logistics of trying to get the coaches to collect, transport bags and walk students to the camp entrance point was further challenged as the exit tracks from our campsite became flooded, turning them into rivers of mud and surface water.

Every child was evacuated safely with luggage. Any unclaimed luggage will be kept at school for parents to collect at your convenience. Tomorrow is now our annual occasional day so school is closed to students. This is a one day school holiday used in many Hertfordshire secondary schools. It was included on our calendar but no day was specified. I understand and fully appreciate the inconvenience this will cause to parents due to the late notice.

I would like to thank the coach company for their response to our request, students for remaining calm throughout and parents for their understanding and not forgetting the sterling response from our catering company who mustered up lunch for the remaining students at KWS as they waited to be collected. I have attached some photos that will perhaps give you some idea of the conditions which led to further challenges that hindered our ability to communicate in a timely manner to all parents as well as additional road closures encountered on the return journey to KWS, making us later than anticipated.

I will discuss with Bushcraft several aspects of the trip including the possibility of financial reimbursement to parents in the coming weeks.

Tony Smith



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KWS Newsletter – Issue 1

Please Click Here to read Issue 1 of our newsletter.

KWS Open Day – Saturday 5th October 2019

Our Open Day for our 2020/21 Year 7 intake will be held on Saturday, 5th October from 10 am until 2 pm.

Venue: Conference Centre, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden

Headteacher talks: 10.30, 12 noon and 1.30 pm.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Update on Wheathampstead and Redbourn Bus Routes

Please see below regarding a change to the Wheathampstead and Redbourn bus routes.


Important Reminders for the Start of Term

Our first day as a new school is fast approaching and we look forward to welcoming our first ever Year 7 cohort to Katherine Warington School on Thursday, 5th September (no later than 9am at the University of Hertfordshire Law Court building).

For the full email sent on the 28th August 2019 Click Here

Bus services to KWS

We have now received notification from Hertfordshire County Council of the new contracts awarded to bus/coach companies in respect of additional routes required to transport our students to school from Monday, 30th September, together with existing/amended routes (some including public buses) and operators.

Click Here to view the letter regarding bus services to the KWS site.

August 2019 Site Photographs

There are some recent pictures from the KWS Site available under Galleries on the website. Click Here to view them.

Transition Day

On Thursday the 11th of July, we welcomed our first Year 7 cohort to Katherine Warington’s transition day. Both staff and students had so much fun taking part in the carousel of activities and we were all keen to finally meet each other! Students arrived from 8am and started gathering in their form groups. There was a lot of hustle and bustle in Park Hall as students got to meet their form tutors and began making new friends. Mr Smith then delivered an assembly to welcome everyone where he expressed how important it was to take this day as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Once the activities started, the day ran like clockwork as students showed they could be safe and sensible even when taking part in challenging, active and at points noisy activities! Mrs Robinson, our Art teacher, had planned a fantastic challenge where students used milk bottle tops and balloons to create pull and go cars. They then raced the cars at the end to determine winners. Things got rather frantic when Mrs Robinson yelled ‘GO!’ Mrs Coomber our Head of Maths planned a creative puzzle involving marshmallows and spaghetti. Both of these activities challenged our students as young, up and coming engineers! It was at times too tempting not to eat the equipment though…

All students got their chance to let off some steam in Harpenden Sports Hall as Mrs Anderson our Maths and PE teacher led the students in a variety of competitive games. The music was booming and the students thoroughly enjoyed it arriving to their next activities red faced! Other activities included a Spanish session run by Mrs Creamer, Drama run by Mr Church and we managed to get as many students as we could into the University of Hertfordshire’s Planetarium. Students learnt about our solar system and looked up at the night sky, even though it was 24 degrees outside.

To finish the event, students were asked to document this important day by writing a letter to their future selves as part of their English session with Mrs Aikman, our Head of English. Students showed impeccable behaviour as all the students completed the activity in silence, diligently sealing their letters away, ready to be opened in Year 11! This will act as our own little time capsule so we can all remember this significant moment in our school’s history. Mrs Anderson even wrote her own as she thought carefully about her first impressions of Blue form!

It is important we say a huge thank you to the staff that supported us as not only did support staff from KWS come along to help our students as they made their first step into secondary school. We were also lucky enough to have the entire Links outreach team there to help us. We really couldn’t have put on such a fabulous day for the students without this support. It is also important to say thank you to parents for getting all of the right information to us so we could ensure as smooth a transition day as possible.

We hope students were able to come home and tell you they had a positive experience and made some new friends. Hopefully, now students are able to look forward with anticipation to September as they become fully fledged Katherine Warington students.

Single Joiners Evening

On Monday the 1st of July, Katherine Warington School invited our single joiners to an event
held at Sir John Lawes School. While there are some feeder schools providing lots of students
to us in September, there are other schools where only one or two students are joining us.
The event aimed to ensure that students coming on their own or with very few friends from
their current school got the opportunity to meet students from their new Year 7 cohort.

Mr Church was kind enough to come along and engage students' team work and listening
skills with a drama activity and I was brave enough to invite the students to decorate purple
themed cakes in celebration of our new school colours! Students were really sensible when
undertaking these practical activities and they had the opportunity to make some new friends
along the way.

It was nice to see students swapping numbers at the end of the event and we hope they are
looking forward to meeting again on the 11th July as part of our transition day.

Thank you to all the staff who came along to support students and take part in the question
and answer session at the end. We also want to say a big thank you to Sir John
Lawes for allowing us to use their facilities.

Students certainly used their creative skills in the kitchen as you can see from the photos

Mrs Aikman
Head of Year 7