Year 7 Maths Challenge

Well done to eight of our KWS mathematicians who competed in the Herts for Learning Team Maths Challenge last week (28th February). There were over 30 teams competing and we placed a respectable 22nd and 26th. Congratulations to the following students for all of your effort and enthusiasm; Lucy H, Corin N, Emma M, Matilda S, Elliott G, Lucas W, Finn J & Harrison S.

Year 7 & Year 8 Team Maths Challenges

KWS were well represented in the Herts for Learning Maths Challenge for Year 8 on Tuesday 26th April with two teams. Both teams worked collaboratively to solve problem and challenge themselves to answer the tricky questions and tasks at hand. Well done to Ollie T, Lucas C, Anwitha M, Lina B, John D, Dylan T, Jessica H and Hannah W for all of their fantastic efforts! Even though they did not place high enough to reach the final, they competed to a very high level.
On Wednesday 4th May we had the great honour of taking one of our Year 7 teams to compete in the Herts for Learning Maths Challenge Final at Marriot’s school in Stevenage.  Huge congratulations to Mia K, Arabella D, Bertie R & Henry G who competed brilliantly, showing excellent team work and mathematics skills, achieving a very commendable 6th Place. That’s 6th out of the 72 schools that competed across Hertfordshire in the heats and the 16 who qualified for the final – amazing work!
In the words of Mia: “The maths challenge was so fun yet also very nerve racking! My favourite part was probably the memory round as it included so many fun sections we had to remember. It was quite tense at some points when the answers were being read out as you got to see what you did right and what you messed up on. We found some of the questions more fun than others. For example, there was a question where you had to make 8 different shapes with a area of 2cm², it was very fun and interesting to see what shapes could be made just with such a small space! I was very proud when we got 6th place and have made a lot of fun memories that I wont be forgetting any time soon.”
Mrs Coomber & Mrs Caplin