Creative Writing Period 7

In Creative Writing P7 this half term we have been writing short stories based on the image below.

This week we celebrated some fantastic story writing skills with a special session where we shared our work aloud, whilst celebrating our collective genius and eating sweets. Special credits go to Lois, Ellie and Amber, Rayan and Oscar for being brave enough to share their stories aloud, which were all of an incredible level for Year 7 students.  If you have a moment, please do have a read of the stories by Oscar B, Rayan N and Jai K attached here.

I promise, you will be blown away!

Mrs McPartlin

Future Heroes Trip

A group of Year 8 and 9 students, that are interested in a career in health care or medicine, visited the Future Heroes Expo in Hatfield. Students had the opportunity to meet and talk to various professionals from within the NHS and other health care providers. Their discussions encouraged them to find out about aspects of health care that are less well known, as well as what the possible routes are into each profession, including apprenticeships.
As well as visiting the Autism and Dementia experience buses, students also used VR headsets to ‘treat’ a patient and also had the opportunity to use official medical equipment on training manikins. A fun, but very informative morning was had by all!
Miss Phillips 

KWS Trampoline Squad

Congratulations to the 4 students that competed at their first ever National Finals Schools Trampoline Competition in Northampton on Saturday 18th March. Will E (Year 9) competed 2 excellent routines in the Years 9-10 Novice category and was placed 12th. The Year 7 Elite boys team of Matthew P, Joshua P and Riley W performed well with some new skills and were crowned National Champions in their age category!

A fabulous achievement from all students and a great first year for the KWS Trampoline squad.

Miss Moxham

Advanced Maths Programme Maths Feast

Well done to the Year 10 mathematicians who competed in the Advanced Maths Programme Maths Feast on Monday. Students competed in four rounds of increasingly difficult team maths challenges and performed excellently against some tough opposition.

We look forward to trying some of the problems during the advanced maths lunch club. Our teams consisted of Team 10 – Poppy S, Fahtima A, Tom M & Tristan H and Team 13 – Freddie C, Finley M, Joanne E & Maanasee N. Well done all.

Miss Anderson 

‘Neurodiversity week and the Umbrella Project.’

This week, we’ve been celebrating neurodiversity month with a series of whole year assemblies talking about neurodiversity and the amazing things we can achieve when we embrace our differences. The focus was on how everyone is different and that this is a positive thing.
You may have also seen our Umbrella Project display (before it was battered by the wind!). This is part of the ADHD Foundation’s countrywide initiative to raise awareness of neurodiversity through a series of installations. The founding members of the KWS Umbrella Project decorated some of the umbrellas with words representing the positive traits their neurodiversities bring them, alongside their interests and hobbies. Each year, new members will decorate umbrellas until they are all decorated.
Thank you to KWAF for generously funding our involvement with the project.
Mrs Grainger, Mrs Eyley and Ms Rainer