Learning at KWS

Our students have had an excellent week of learning at KWS. The commitment of our students to being ready, responsible and respectful has resulted in another huge total of recognitions being awarded. In fact, we have seen an average increase of over 3000 recognitions given per week at KWS since the start of January. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported their students and helped them contribute to this mammoth total! 

It has been wonderful to visit classrooms and talk to students about their learning experience. Creating aboriginal artwork in Technology, discussing dystopian futures and designing theatre sets in English, learning about waves in Science and creating their own dramatic pieces using masks in Drama are just a few things our students have experienced this week!

Bronze recognition awards

Our first bronze awards for reaching 200 recognitions are being presented this week. Over 185 students have reached this milestone already which is an amazing feat. In fact, there are too many to give out at one time! We will ensure that all students who have reached this total will receive their certificate and badge over the coming weeks. If your child comes home with a bronze certificate and badge then please congratulate them on their achievement.

Mr Livesey Jones 

Radio Club

The radio hosts have done a great job so far by entertaining the students in the lunch hall at lunch time with great song suggestions and interaction with the students.

Keep up the good work and if you are a student that would like to run the radio station at lunch times then please email: d.cain@kwschool.co.uk

MESME Maths Circles

At the beginning of January, a selected group of Year 7 students formed KWS’ first MESME Maths Circle.

MESME is a charity which aims to support high-attaining students to achieve mathematical excellence and a MESME Maths Circle is a small group of students who come together regularly to grapple with intriguing questions, to discover and explore exciting ideas, and to learn to think like advanced mathematicians.  The KWS MESME Maths Circle meets weekly during Period 7 with an experienced mentor, appointed by MESME. 

During their first session, students explored the properties of numbers with the same sum but different products and considered the mathematics involved in ordering ingredients for huge quantities of soup!  These problems prompted in-depth mathematical conversations, with some great questions asked and conjectures made, and the students seemed to be enjoying the challenge.

We look forward to discovering how this enrichment programme will further develop the student’s mathematical reasoning and expand their mathematical curiosity.

Mrs Wall

Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster Trip

On Monday 16th January, 17 students in Years 9 and 10, who do Politics as part of their Period 7, went to visit the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster.

The trip to Parliament included a workshop where students came up with their own bills to pass through as laws and students learnt how this process works. We were also lucky enough to have a tour around the whole site which included visiting Westminster Hall, Central Lobby and both the Houses of Commons and Lords.

When visiting the Commons we saw part of a debate about education funding and education buildings and got to listen to the current Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, speak about plans going on in the Department for Education. Whilst at The Lords we listened to members speak about the current refugee crisis and what the government is doing to support refugees entering the country.

We finished the day returning to the Parliament Education Centre where we had a talk from Hitchin and Harpenden MP Bim Afolami followed by some questions to Bim from our students.

A great day was had by all with some impeccable behaviour from all students and we look forward to returning to visit Parliament again with a new group of keen politicians.

Miss Anderson.

Sports Update

As the new term begins, we have been fortunate enough to open our Wellbeing Centre, initially to our GCSE PE students. The feedback from the students has been very positive and we look forward to allowing the whole school community to use the space in the coming weeks. A club timetable is being created next week that will inform students when they can use it.

Lastly, a massive congratulations to Uzair C in Year 8 for not only coming second in a national gymnastics competition, but then also being selected for the GB development squad. A fantastic achievement and we look forward to hearing about you developing your potential.

Mr Alexander