Sponsored Walk 2022 Prizes

Well done to all students who took part in the Sponsored Walk last Friday. This has helped KWAF complete their fundraising of £10,000 towards the School Gym. They have today presented Mr Smith with a cheque for £10,000 towards the School Gym!

Well done to the students who raised the most money in each year group who have won an Amazon Voucher.

Year 7

1st – Sophie H

2nd – Adam D

3rd – Tabitha P

Year 8

1st – Charlie B

2nd – Syan B

3rd – Sean L-S

Year 9

1st – Cameron R

2nd – Adam T

3rd – Dylan P

All students who raised over £10 where entered into a prize draw to win an iPad! Well done to James B in Year 7 who won the iPad following the draw.

Sports Day Update

Friday 15th July provided an opportunity for students from all year groups to participate in a range of sporting activities during Sports Day. The morning session allowed students to circulate around 15 different events and collect points individually and also for their House. Students engaged fantastically well throughout and there were so many that showed the best of themselves, not only in their performance levels, but also their willingness to try their best and participate in as many events as they could.


The afternoon was Finals Afternoon, which involved the finals of the Tug of War Competition as well as races in the 100m, 200m, 800m and the mixed relay for each year group (including some wildcard staff entries for the Year 9 race!). 


Below are all the results… Congratulations to all winners:


Morning results:


Year 7 Winners
1 Flo C 1 Rory T-C
2 Lexi F 2 Harrison N
3 Sophie C 3 Rocco W
Year 8 Winners
1 Hannah W 1 Hayden L
2 Jessica H 2 Ollie T
3 Alina C 3 Alex McD
Year 9 Winners
1 Mollie G-H 1 Josh H
2 Lilly H 2 Seth L
3 Andrea C 3 Nathan T


Most Events Completed:

Noah C John D Ingrid S
Henry G Dillon F Michael Sm
Lucy U Oliver S Fin B
Ben M Harry J Adam T
Ali C Isla McD Yanis T
Daisy D Lina B Sean H
Jesse G Chee Joe S
George Y Liam S-B Tristan H
Noraiz N Ethan S
Ted B Smaran B
Keelan H Josh E
Jamie D
Josh H-M
Freddie C
Sam L


Afternoon results:

Name Form
100m Yr 7 girls Lexi  Keller
100m Yr 7 boys Tim B Keller
200m Yr 7 girls Ali C Armstrong
200m Yr 7 boys James B Armstrong
800m Yr 7 girls Alice T Tesla
800m Yr 7 boys Joe L Ali
100m Yr 8 girls Izzy P Keller
100m Yr 8 boys Aaron N Tesla
200m Yr 8 girls Jessica H Ali
200m Yr 8 boys Liam S-B Nightingale
800m Yr 8 girls Belle W Keller
800m Yr 8 boys Daniel F Franklin
100m Yr 9 girls Thea O Franklin
100m Yr 9 boys Nathan T Tesla
200m Yr 9 girls Tiffany P Franklin
200m Yr 9 boys Joe L Tesla
800m Yr 9 girls
800m Yr 9 boys George P Tesla


YEAR 7 Tug of War Nightingale (Girls) Keller (Boys)
YEAR 7 Year 7 Relay Armstrong
YEAR 8 Tug of War Nightingale (Girls) Tesla (Boys)
YEAR 8 Year 8 Relay Franklin
YEAR 9 Tug of War Tesla (Girls) Nightingale (Boys)
YEAR 9 Year 9 Relay Armstrong


Overall Sports Day Results:


1 Nightingale 1071
2 Keller 1002
3 Tesla 953
4 Armstrong 925
5 Ali 913
6 Franklin 897


Congratulations to Nightingale for defending their title from last year! Have a great summer all!

Reading Challenge Success

In the English Department, our annual Reading Challenges have come to an end. Congratulations to all students who have embraced the Friday Reads lessons, our wonderful Library and our wonderful Librarian along the way to succeed in reading a book a month this year. This year 160 of our students completed their reading challenge and 2943 books were read across all three year groups as part of the challenge, but special mention must go to our exceptional readers: Leigha K, Joanne E, Mollie S, Alexandra H, Joel D and Grace O for reading 175 books between them during the course of the year!!! A full list of those who successfully completed their reading challenge is below (apologies if we have missed anyone!). Please congratulate them all and encourage all students to keep reading over the Summer break – studies have shown that it is a vital part of being able to hit the ground running in September. After all, as Dr Seuss says, “The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Mrs McPartlin.


                    Students who completed their KWS Reading Challenges in 2021/22
Year 9 Year 8 Year 7
Becky D Jacob T John D Sam J Will E Emily C Gabriella D Tate H
Harry H Joshua T Aaron N Louisa T Alexandra H Ellie C Max F Imogen D
Leigha K Neomi Y Thomas R Sam C Beatrice H Violet C Matilde F-E Barney B
Taye L Malakhai – J Joshua N Sara A Sitali M Liam M Kako F Sophie C
Maanasee N Nathan K- O Alex S Martha R Red Mc Oliver O’D Nathan J Hassan P
Nathan T Omari W Mollie S Enoch Branna Mc Will R Isabelle K Neel P
Joanne E Eshan A Mia T Torrie R Hrithik P Rebecca R Grace M Anna W
Fahtima A Kevin O Lola T Hannah W Kaavy S Zahra W Kaii N Harrison N
Freddie C Effie P Jacob T James T Oliver St Harry W Liana N Jesse G
Annabel S Annalisa R Owen Y Oscar Y Riley V Aidan B Sam P-S Daisy M
Daisy A Shakhram S Akira A Leah B Daniel W Grace C Willow R
Ruairi A Naomi S Haider A Izzy P Charlotte B Uzair C Bobby S
Andrea Co Jacob T Charlie A Isla W Iulia Alexandra C Alice T
Finley M Joshua T Oliver C Lina B Kiaron P Joel D Lucy W
Rayan P Neomi Y Oscar D Amel A-M Kayla F-K Kit C
Umar-Farooq S Johanna C Blake B Harry G Florence C
Ethan S Jessica H Gracie B Erin H Connor M
Oscar Q Isabella H Syan B Oscar M Ben M
Eshan A Isobel J Riley C Nissi M Oscar S
Kevin O Samuel J-Be Arissa H Helena R Bailey F
Effie P Sarrinah M Sophie K Lucy U Grace O
Annalisa R Noraiz N Isla M Ferdinand V Aya E
Shakhram S Owais P Oliver S Gigi C Brooke A
Naomi S Lauren W Ollie T Oscar C Bertie R



Young Adult Literature Convention

Last Saturday a group of ten intrepid explorers from across the school went on a trip to London’s Olympia to attend the Young Adult Literature Convention. This was an event that our wonderful Librarian and published Young Adult Author, Miss Rahman, has attended in the past and was attending on Sunday to be part of an Author’s Book Panel on Young Adult Literature and mental health and to sign books. We got the train into and across London and had a great time buying a LOT of books, getting things signed by authors, snaffling up any freebies going from the publishers’ stalls and watching authors’ panels discussing the role of social media in modern young adults literature, fantasy writing, how they get their inspiration and ideas for their stories and how they became published authors. Our tickets also got us into Comicon (a comic convention) downstairs and so we also enjoyed wandering past people in full dress-up as Chewbacca, Darth Vada, Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cheerleaders and many, many Eddie Munsons from Stranger Things. Sadly Mrs McPartlin did not have time to queue to meet Hopper (also from Stranger Things), but perhaps he might have disappointed in real life anyway.
Thank you to the impeccable behaviour of the students and to Miss Rahman for accompanying us.
Please do encourage your children to keep up their reading over the summer holidays. Did you know that:
  • Children who DO NOT READ over the summer holidays can lose 3 months of reading skills between now and September.

  • Kids who DO READ tend to gain 1 month of reading skills and much more for some children.

If they could aim for two books over the holidays, that would be fantastic. My top tips are Eagle of the Ninth for Year 7, Scythe for Year 8 and Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman for Year 9 and of course, Why is Nobody Laughing? by our very own Yasmin Rahman.
Happy Summer Reading!!!
Mrs McPartlin.

Year 9 Trip to Cambridge University

On Monday this week ten of our Year 9 students went to visit Cambridge University for the day. We spent the morning at Gonville & Caius College where we were given a tour of the college, learnt about the history of Cambridge University, visited the College Library and had lunch in the College dining hall.
We saw Professor Stephen Hawking’s old office from when he was a teacher at Cambridge and we also saw a memorial stone to his legacy. Miss Anderson enjoyed the stained glass window dedicated to the creator of the Venn Diagram – John Venn, who was a fellow at the college. We also got to visit the graduation gate, which all Cambridge students get to walk through on graduation day – I am excited for more pictures of students at this gate in the future in their own graduation robes.
In the afternoon we got to visit Pembroke College and walk around the grounds, we walked around the city and got an ice cream (it was very hot!) and then on the way home we also stopped off and visited Homerton College. Students had a fantastic day and were feeling inspired about the prospect of University.
Miss Anderson

2021-22 Production Photographs for Sale

As the year draws to close and we look back on a successful year of performances (and prepare for what is happening next year) I am writing to let you know that the full range of photographs and headshots from the Winter Showcase and Bugsy Malone are now available for sale on the Performing Arts Website.

Professionally shot by Elizabeth Keates Photography, these stunning photographs are available to purchase, starting at £5 with a range of additional options should you wish. These photographs really do make an excellent souvenir or gift for a family member.

All profits from the sales of these photographs will be invested directly in the Performing Arts at Katherine Warington School to ensure that we can continue to offer all of our students opportunities to be part of truly excellent performances throughout the year.

The photos can be found at www.kw-arts.co.uk and can be found by clicking on the ‘shop’ link on the top menu.