This Week – 10th June 2019

My time has been taken up with buying a minibus for KWS, meetings and visiting our new students at the junior schools.

On the Friday as we broke up for half term, several of the governors and I went up to the DfE for our ‘Ready to Open’ meeting. Not only was the DfE building eerily deserted, so it seemed was most of London. Thankfully the climate march added numbers to the infrastructure as they strode past parliament with lots of students on the march.

I was back there a few days later to take advantage of a rather unique experience, a visit to No10! Not a lone visitor, but part of a group of Headteachers and sponsors who are opening new schools this September and the following year. I have to say having swapped a few stories with others present, I reflected on the long journey to get to where we are today. I was just beginning to tingle with a feeling of self-righteousness when Theresa walked in, and if there’s anyone who has shown resilience ……….She spoke well. I resolved to stop being quite so sanctimonious, got a quick photo of myself outside the front door and scuttled back to the underground.

We have asked some catering companies to tender for the food offering at KWS. We aim to provide a healthy balanced choice of foods and to provide a service with a low environmental impact as we will focus on recycling, reducing food waste, no single use plastics and minimal food miles. We aim to provide a variety of foods to meet all dietary requirements. Oh, and the food needs to be tasty!

Slowly getting around schools to visit our students now that their SATS are over. I have to say that the schools and staff are very welcoming and the students are fantastic.

Our next events are a parents evening on 27th June at Roundwood (further details will be sent out shortly) and a single joiners evening for those students who are coming in ones or twos from junior school on 1st July at SJL.

Finally, the new website is up and we are slowly populating it with content so please have a good look through. If you spot any typos, don’t be shy in letting us know at