Any one for a game of (frisbee) golf?

Our students are now two weeks into their first block of period 7 choices for the year and enjoying a wide range of opportunities offered by our staff team who go above and beyond to make Period 7 a truly enriching experience.  New opportunities this year include Architecture, Cubing, Pokemon, Music Appreciation, Chinese Karaoke, EconoME, MakeCode Arcade, Image Editing, Stage Lighting and Italian.  We are also very lucky to be able to offer Criminology sessions, run by a parent volunteer. 

Year 9 have been very keen to take up a new sport of frisbee golf – as evidenced here: 


Whilst Year 10 and 11 are taking up some actual golf with a lot of enthusiasm, here they are in action:

These all sit alongside seasoned favourites like Poi and mindful colouring. Period 7 blocks last for 9 weeks, so these options will run until 23rd November, with Block 2 starting the following week. 


Zoe Coomber 

English Entry Level Certificate

This week, Mr Martin welcomed a group of students and parents to his office to celebrate their passing of an external English qualification called the Level 3 Entry Level Certificate. Students studied for this alongside their normal English curriculum and worked hard to improve their fiction and non-fiction reading and their creative and transactional writing skills. Huge congratulations to all students who passed this exam!

Mrs McPartlin – Head of Key Stage 3 English