Camp Wilderness Evacuation

Our Camp Wilderness adventure was cut short today due to torrential rain and the continuing deterioration of conditions on site. At the point at which I made the decision to evacuate, rain was forecast for the afternoon, into the evening and into the following morning. Delaying the decision at that stage could have meant that we would have had to evacuate in darkness. The safety of students and staff is of paramount importance.

The logistics of trying to get the coaches to collect, transport bags and walk students to the camp entrance point was further challenged as the exit tracks from our campsite became flooded, turning them into rivers of mud and surface water.

Every child was evacuated safely with luggage. Any unclaimed luggage will be kept at school for parents to collect at your convenience. Tomorrow is now our annual occasional day so school is closed to students. This is a one day school holiday used in many Hertfordshire secondary schools. It was included on our calendar but no day was specified. I understand and fully appreciate the inconvenience this will cause to parents due to the late notice.

I would like to thank the coach company for their response to our request, students for remaining calm throughout and parents for their understanding and not forgetting the sterling response from our catering company who mustered up lunch for the remaining students at KWS as they waited to be collected. I have attached some photos that will perhaps give you some idea of the conditions which led to further challenges that hindered our ability to communicate in a timely manner to all parents as well as additional road closures encountered on the return journey to KWS, making us later than anticipated.

I will discuss with Bushcraft several aspects of the trip including the possibility of financial reimbursement to parents in the coming weeks.

Tony Smith



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