Admissions Process Clarifications

Following on from our successful Open Morning on Saturday (it was great to see so many of you there!), we wanted to clarify a few questions that have arisen around the admissions process. We apologise for the complications, but because we couldn’t be part of the co-ordinated admissions process, it threw up some anomalies.

1. If I accept KWS, but a place then becomes available at one of my Continuing Interest (CI) schools, will I automatically lose my KWS place?
Yes, if you have schools on your CI list, you will automatically lose your KWS place if a place becomes available at one of those. If you want KWS, you need to accept it and opt-out of the CI list for all other schools.

2. How do I get onto the Continuing Interest list for KWS?
By Friday 8th March, you must make an application through the Herts admissions online application system or complete the paper form on page 9 of the ‘What Can You Do Now’ leaflet to go onto the waiting list for KWS. It is not automatic. If you don’t do this, you will not be on our list for Round 1 of the continuing interest process.

3. I am Out of County, how do I ensure I am on the Continuing Interest list for KWS?
You must go through your own local authority, e.g. Central Beds, or Luton. You need to add it to your list of preferences through your online login, or complete the relevant form to change your preferences. This must be done by Friday 8th March. You don’t need to contact Herts. Central Beds and Luton are adding KWS to their systems today.