National Trampoline Finals and the St Albans & District Gym and Dance Display

Huge congratulations to Will E, Matthew P, Josh P and Riley W who travelled up to Telford last weekend to compete in the Schools National Trampoline Finals. It was a great event and all students performed excellently. Will placed 16th in the year 10-14 intermediate category and the team of Matthew, Josh and Riley were crowned National champions in the year 7-9 elite category!! Fantastic achievements for all and thank you to parents for their support!
Miss Moxham.
St Albans & District Gym and Dance Display
This Tuesday, Miss Moxham and Miss Patterson took 37 students to St Albans High School to perform in the District Gym and Dance Display. All students put on an amazing show, displaying all their hard work over the last few months. Everyone had a great time working with other schools in the area and we hope parents enjoyed watching the display!
Miss Moxham and Miss Patterson

House charity fortnight results.

Monday 4th March saw the start of KWS charity fortnight. All houses pitted against each other to raise the most money for our school charities: The Ollie Foundation and Cancer Research UK. 

We are delighted to say that we raised £630.55. Well done KWS.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped plan/run events. The house which raised the most money was Ali. Well done to Miss Anderson and her team.. A special thanks to Miss Anderson, Mr Houghton, Mrs Hasan, Mr Hiscock, Mrs Wall, Mr Lawrence and Mrs Gaydon for organising and running events that led to this fantastic result.


Pi Day Fun 15/3/24

We are the Pi Day winning form, 7 Armstrong. Earlier last week, we participated in the Pi Day quiz, where all the Year 7 forms battled it out to get the most right in the fastest time. We managed to get all but one right in 5 minutes. When we got to the assembly on Friday 15/3/24, there was a surprise waiting for us. We got to pie the maths teachers, including our form tutor! Some of the people who pied the teachers said how amazing and exciting it was to get ‘revenge’ on their teachers. We’re very excited to see it again next year!

Written by Sonny, Anna and Issy

PE News

It’s been another action packed month in PE. Starting with a massive congratulations to our talented year 7 netball team. A close game versus Loreto College was played out in the district cup, however sadly we suffered an unfortunate 5-4 loss. Finishing runners up in the district cup competition is an impressive achievement. Well done girls! Player of the Match was recognised as Corin N.


Recognition to both the Year 10 and 11 netball teams in their district league matches vs Loreto. Players of the game were identified as Evie H and Isla M


Well done to all our KWS kickboxers on a hugely successful grading afternoon just before half term. Sensei Teasha was absolutely glowing about your efforts and how well you have done.


In basketball, the Year 8 team had three excellent wins against Samuel Ryder (28-14), SJL (22-16) and Marlborough (37-30). The teams were fantastic throughout. Special mention to Scott W and also Kai W representing the school team for the first time. 


In football, a great game for the U12 girls football team against a very local school. A 6-1 win with lots of positives to take away. Goals from Poppy (3), Sophie (2) and also one from Lucy. Amazing work girls!


Earlier this term, we had an unlucky 5-3 loss for our U15 football team versus STAHS in the district cup. A great second half performance brought us back from 4-1 down.  Lexi F was acknowledged as the player of the match.


Milkayla C in Year 11 represented Hertfordshire superbly in an U16 game vs Suffolk.


Moving onto the boys, the Year 7 team progressed into the semi final of the district cup with a 3-0 win against Samuel Ryder. Josh R scored directly from a corner and Luke W saved a penalty. 


Our Year 10s claimed a hard fought 3-1 win last Saturday, showing great character after a tough season. Coming back from 1-0 down, two goals from Jules W and Ollie T proved the difference. Notable performance from Ben B in midfield.


In the county cup plate, Year 11 continued their fine run of form with a 3-0 win against St Columba’s College. Three excellently taken first half goals by Dylan, Joe and Jordan took the game away from our opposition. Aside from the goal scorers, George in goal made two huge saves at key moments, Jamie chipped in with a vital interception, Tom M was solid at the back and Fin worked tirelessly in midfield out of possession. We look forward to the semi final.


In the district cup, our Year 8 boys team won 2-1 yesterday to progress to the final of the district cup. A gritty performance on a big pitch meant the boys didn’t play as fluidly as they normally do, but we very much look forward to the final on Tuesday. In addition to this, just before half term our Year 8 boys team progressed to the semi final of the county cup with a resounding 4-1 victory over St Edmund’s College away from home. After a difficult first few minutes in the game, they recovered fantastically and the intensity to win the ball back made us very difficult to live with. Ayaan scored an excellent goal, which capped his most impressive performance for the school so far. We have our semi final on Monday 25th March.


I also wanted to acknowledge the brilliant support that various students have provided over the last few weeks with collecting video evidence and also for participating in the live moderation for our Year 11 GCSE students. Last week, a group of Year 11 girls braved the cold to support their friends by participating in a videoed netball moderation to ensure we had enough players, despite not needing to be assessed themselves. Also, within the GCSE cohort, a significant number of students chose to help video their teammates by holding the camera for an extended amount of time. Your help is greatly appreciated by me and by your fellow students I am sure too.

Mr Alexander


Library update

Ramadan Celebrations
To join in with the school’s Ramadan Celebrations, we have made a display with our lovely student team. There are some educational and entertaining non-fiction and fiction books to choose from including: books with Muslim characters, books by Muslim authors and books about Islam. Students are welcome to pop by the library and borrow from the special selection.

Blind Date with a Book

One of our student librarians had a brilliant idea to make a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ display. Jess chose books, looked up information about the books genres and themes and, with a group of friends, prepared the display. Finley designed the poster. It has been very popular with many students borrowing the wrapped books and finding a good match or trying out a book they wouldn’t usually have chosen!

The Great KWS Bake Off

Our annual Bake Off event took place last week, and was a challenge to eventually choose the winner.
We had 7 entries from Yr 7, Yr 8 & Yr 9. 4 from Tesla, 1 from Amstrong, 1 from Franklin & a joint entry from Amstrong & Franklin.
The brief was to create an Easter Cake to wow us with your creations!
The judges has a difficult job to judge the entries. Points were awarded for taste, texture and wow factor.
In the end we had 1 point dividing the top 3, with the judges divided. After drafting in an additional judge we decided on the winner. It was so close.
Winner(s) – Henry G (Armstrong) & Ben M (Franklin) – 50 house points each
2nd – Tabitha Hall (Tesla) – 75 house points
3rd Alice Taylor – (Tesla) – 50 house points

The Great Big Dance Off 2024

On Monday 11th March the KWS Dance Company took part in the GBDO Competition 2024. The Great Big Dance Off is a popular national dance competition open to schools all across England & Wales. Miss Patterson took two KS3 Teams with her, consisting of Year 7, 8 & 9’s, one Hip Hop team and one Contemporary team. All students conducted themselves and performed with such a high standard and professionalism.

Within the KS3 Category there were 17 entries, I’m proud to announce that our Hip Hop team placed 9th and our Contemporary Team placed 4th. A huge congratulations to the following students involved:

Year 7; Amelia S, Abbie S, Erin B

Year 8; Jessie TL, Grace W, Anaya B, Eleanor L

Year 9; Halle B, Erin H, Sophie C, Sofia D, Ruby H, Anastasia H, Eliza K, Mia K, Daisy M, Rebecca R, Daisie S

Thank you to all who staff and parents who supported the event, it was a fantastic achievement for all students.

Miss Patterson

KWS Students Triumph in Tech Tournament

We were proud to host the annual Rotary Technology Tournament this week, with twelve of our Year 10 Design & Technology students competing against over 100 students from local secondary schools, in a one-day engineering challenge. This year’s challenge was one of the most technical yet with a brief to build a vehicle capable of travelling on a cable across a crocodile infested river, to deliver a vital medical bag. None of the students knew what they would be doing before they arrived. They were given a mystery bag of materials and tools and required to use their knowledge of pulley systems and electrical circuits to solve the problem. It is all the more impressive that all three KWS teams built and tested different vehicle designs that successfully achieved this.

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who worked as a team, came up with different ‘cable car’ designs that worked and were Ready, Respectful and Responsible in the way that they represented Katherine Warington this week: Salahdeen K, Lucas C, Hayden L, Kai K L, Thomas R, Will E, Dean H, Luke G, Olly F, Jai B, Lucien S and Enoch A. Special praise goes to Thomas, Will, Dean and Luke who took home a trophy for coming in third in their category.

Jason Tarry (CEO Tesco) visit

On the 2nd of February, the year 10’s were given the opportunity to get a Q&A from Jason Tarry, the CEO of Tesco for the UK, since 2017. Myself, Oscar Y and Sam J were given the chance to interview Mr Tarry and ask him questions to understand more about his job and how he was able to get to where he is today. Also, through-out our 40 minute talk he gave us a brief introduction to his motto “Take every opportunity your given”


He showed us an application of this motto. He revealed that he originally didn’t plan on going to university or even A levels, especially due to him not having anyone in his family who previously went to university and following him failing his maths GCSE. But, he didn’t let this hinder him and followed his motto. He persevered on and got his A levels and became the first to go to university in his family. He then went to get a bachelor’s degree in business studies from Staffordshire University which qualified him for the position.


However he also showed us how important having a work-life balance is by telling us about how he took a gap year to explore the world, in order to honour his Grandma’s death. He was conscious that the memories he would form on the voyage could not be replaced by any grade of degree, so  he put himself first. Even though he was aiming to get high grades at the time, he understood the importance of a work-life balance and transferred that message to us.


We also asked him a few questions about his position. He explained to us the complexity of managing his public eye and the supplying, and locations for stores under the Tesco name. Throughout the talk, we were given a glimpse into some of the struggles that Tesco went through like;

  • Covid
  • Tesco lawsuit in 2018

Mr Tarry explained how he found ways to overcome them. When explaining, he revealed that they were struggles and situations that he thought he couldn’t achieve at the time, but through resilience was able to overcome the challenges and build a better company out of them, this has resulted in Tesco’s current status as the biggest supermarket chain in the UK.


Personally I think the talk was beneficial and inspiring for, not only me, but the whole year group as it made what is normally seen as an unreachable job, more achievable if we start implementing some of his messages, like going for gold, from now.