Ski Trip

Ski Trip Review: 

Alex H:

The Ski trip was an amazing fun opportunity to spend time with my friends and make friends with people I wouldn’t normally speak to. The ski resort was amazing and the skiing was really fun! The instructors were really kind and helpful, taking us on some really fun runs. The hotel was nice and all the staff were really helpful. I really enjoyed the ski trip and had lots of fun! 


The mountains were gorgeous. I had never been this high up in the mountains and I would definitely recommend it if you have never been in the mountains either. 

Will :

I really enjoyed the ski trip to France. In my opinion there were a range of different evening activities such as crepe making, ice skating, table tennis and an elevated obstacle course which was very fun. I also enjoyed skiing so much and their ski instructors were so nice and friendly. 


I enjoyed the ski trip, especially skiing, as the instructors were very fun and very friendly to be taught by, the views from the hotel were incredible and the evening activities were very fun, especially the crepe making and looking around the shops in the local village.


I really enjoyed the ski trip, the runs in particular were incredible. One run that particularly reflected this was titled, Europe’s longest black run. The advanced group proceeded to go on many black runs all of which were fun. The evening activities were incredibly fun, especially the elevated obstacle course. 


The ski trip aside from the delays at Dover were amazing and as a group we had so much fun, for some of the students it was there first time skiing and they progressed so much in so little time, but as for me and a few friends we went ahead and completed La Sarenne, Europe’s longest black. The views from our balcony were amazing and we had a direct uninterrupted view of the French Alps.

Wellbeing Centre Challenges/Watersports Period 7

The students have been enjoying taking part in the wellbeing centre challenges that Mrs Gaydon has been setting up. They have been working hard to beat each others scores.

Mrs Gaydon and her Period 7 students can’t wait to get back out onto the water on 15th May.

Mrs Gaydon