House charity fortnight.

The week commencing 4th March will see the start of the KWS house charity fortnight.

There are various activities planned throughout the fortnight to raise money for our school charities which are The Ollie Foundation and Cancer Research UK. Students can contribute using card or cash. House representatives have coordinated various events to support these great causes. 

5th March- Armstrong have arranged a “guess the eggs in the jar” 

6th March- Franklin have arranged a sweet sale in the Courtyard at 3.30pm. 

8th March- Ali have arranged a “dunk the teacher” event. This will be held at lunchtime in the courtyard. 

11th March- Keller have a bake sale in the Hall at lunchtime. 

12th March- Nightingale have a movie screen in Room 41/43 at Lunchtime.

13th March- Tesla have arranged “The great KWS bake off”. All entries will receive achievement points. The deadline for submitting cakes will be 12th March, these will then be judged and winners will be announced. On the 13th March all cakes will be sold in the hall at lunchtime.


Miss Fatima


Rothamsted Research careers talk

Rothamsted Research visited KWS to talk to the Year 8 students about the work that is undertaken at the research centre.  The guest speakers, Susan and Rodrigo, provided an overview of all the fantastic work that is carried out at the centre:  How they are trying to tackle issues such as sustainable farming, and how to manage food production for an ever increasing population.  Rodrigo and Susan also talked to the students about their career path, how they ended up working in research, what a typical day would involve and what they enjoyed about this type of career.
This presentation was an opportunity for the students to gain an insight into the types of roles that are available related to STEM (science, maths, engineering or maths) careers.  We hope that this talk may have inspired some students to consider a STEM career path, particularly at Rothamsted Research, which is a big employer right on our doorstep.

Celebration of Chinese New Year in Mandarin lessons

Students across different year groups have enjoyed a cultural lesson on Chinese New Year this week. We held a lantern-making workshop during lunchtime on Tuesday.  龙年快乐🧧