This Week – 6th March 2019

It has been rather hectic since half-term when I accompanied some Yr12 students to Russia on a Roundwood Park trip. The students were an absolute credit to themselves and the school and a delight to share time with (I have to say that in case any of them managed to smuggle any photos of me on stage with a traditional Russian folk dancing troupe!).

In the last couple of weeks we have recruited more teaching staff as the new Heads of maths, English and science added to their departments. Our appointees are exceptionally talented and come with many additional skills in geography, history, drama, Mandarin, FA coaching, netball and hockey to name a few.

The Funding Agreement is now signed, ensuring that Katherine Warington School opens in September 2019 and National Offer Day saw all the available places allocated to local Year 6 students. The Continued Interest list will see two further recruitment runs as parents make their final decisions for the September intake. Further information regarding Continued Interest is available under the APPLICATIONS section of the website.

I met Terry Douris on the site of KWS for some promotional photos last week. Terry holds the Education portfolio for Hertfordshire County Council and has been a supporter of the project, recognising the need for local secondary school places. We were taken to the highest point of the 47 acre development in a 4×4. It was the kind of off-roading experience people pay good money for. The steel structure for the sports centre is already up, water attenuation pond dug and the student courtyard cut out in the centre of the school (this is where the outdoor table tennis tables, giant chess set, basketball hoops and picnic benches will be located).

Finally, we held our Taster Lesson morning on Saturday 2nd March when students and their parents met the new staff and got a feel for what we aim to achieve at the Katherine Warington School. It was a great event for me, being able to meet our students and introduce the teaching team – it’s a real milestone. I can’t wait to hold further events with the KWS parents so their voice is fully heard in our development. Click Here for photos.