May 2016 Update

The Trust held one of its regular meetings last week. The bulk of discussion focused on the awaited outcome of our request to defer opening till 2018 and the approval of the funding agreement. We are beginning to map out the design of the new school or at least the rationale behind clustering subject classrooms in certain areas, the position of the hall, library, canteen and 6th form etc. Once the outline design is agreed, the EFA will approach building companies on its tender framework. The EFA and the appointed contractor will then manage the process of the build. Several members of the Trust have begun visiting existing new build schools to see how they have resolved similar questions.

We will soon be approaching local infant and junior schools to see if their students can offer us some thoughts on the design and colour of the new school uniform. This will likely be after half term as we thought they’d rather get the SATs out of the way first!

Shortly after the last HPG meeting in March, the 3 Head teachers on the Trust extended an invitation to local MP Peter Lilley to visit them to discuss the fourth school as he could not attend that meeting. It has been difficult finding a date to get 4 such busy people together but they are looking forward to seeing him on the 8th July.

The website is developing and more content will be added as we move closer to opening.


Tony Smith

May 2016