• The Harpenden Secondary Schools Trust (HSST) members are Roundwood Park School, Sir John Lawes School, St George’s School, The University of Hertfordshire and Rothamsted Research.

Welcome to Katherine Warington School

The secondary school is new for Harpenden, established by a partnership of the existing three secondary schools, the University of Hertfordshire and Rothamsted Research (who together form the Harpenden Secondary Schools Trust).

The Governors of the three existing schools, having taken increased numbers over the last decade, decided that it was not feasible or desirable for the current schools to continually expand. The solution was to propose a new secondary school. With the approval of the DfE to fund and support, together with land provided by HCC, we welcome our first students into Year 7 in September 2019.
The ethos of our school is aimed at enabling every student to make outstanding progress, whatever their starting point .We offer traditional academic values with an innovative, technology rich approach, providing high quality education for young people within their local community. Central to our vision for the school is the shared belief that young people have the right to a transformational educational experience. Our school fosters a learning culture that rewards effort, inspires learning and engenders a shared belief amongst all members of the school community that they are equipped to thrive in a changing world.

Here at KWS, we value:

Knowledge – built through our robust and diverse curriculum. Students develop a thirst for knowledge through inspirational teaching and, as their school career progresses, they are afforded more and more personalised opportunities to apply knowledge and develop life skills.

Wellbeing – students and staff value the importance of looking after their own and others wellbeing and health. Through participation, collaboration and a focus on kindness and integrity, our school community is ready to face the challenges of a developing world.

Success – students and staff believe nothing is impossible if it will improve learners’ life chances. They are supported to fulfil their potential, realise their personal ambitions, and have the confidence and resilience to meet their challenges.

We pride ourselves on kindness and respect and seek to deliver a positive contribution to our community. Our fully built school will be completed by September 2020. We trust it will become a hub for the local area, including students, parents, staff, neighbours and the wider community.
A warm welcome to you and your family to Katherine Warington School.

Tony Smith
Founding Headteacher

Our House System

Our house system here at KWS consists of six houses, one for each form per year group. The house names were chosen in 2019 by the members of the student body. They were asked to name the houses after people who will inspire them, future students and staff at KWS to achieve their best, be kind and supportive to others.



















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