FAQ’s from Open Day 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open Day on Saturday 6th October and a big thanks to everyone who gave me a hand and to Rothamsted for hosting the event.

I was asked a series of questions by parents during the event and thought it might be useful to make these and the answers available to everyone.

1) Should I put KWS as my first preference on my application form?

The application process for this year is that you have 4 preferences in Hertfordshire AND you can also apply to KWS. In effect, it’s a free additional choice. This is because the Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education is not in place. The timeline for any school, is that the Funding Agreement is in place by January or February prior to the school opening. On March 1st, National Offer Day, places permitting you will be offered a place at one of your 4 preferences and a place at KWS and then you can decide which to accept. If you do not get offered at place straight away at KWS, it is important to remain on the continued interest list.

2) How do I apply to KWS?

Please visit out website – https://kwschool.co.uk/admissions/ and complete the application form and return it to HCC.

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