Client Engagement Meetings – March 17

We have now completed the 6 client engagement meetings between the Trust, the EFA and the two companies, Kier and Bam, taken through to the final stages of the tender.  Following lengthy consultation with the Trust regarding all the educational aspects of the build, such as subject classroom adjacencies, office locations, sports centre provision, toilet design etc., both companies have now presented their initial plans of how they see the school.

The next stage is for Kier and Bam to submit their tender proposal within the next two weeks.  These will be reviewed and a decision made regarding the most preferred tender.

Our existing timeline is therefore accurate – there will be two rounds of public consultations regarding the further development of the design within the coming months, with planning submission still scheduled for the autumn.

The Trust will also publish the agreed admissions policy with the EFA and explain the application method for prospective students to join the school in Sept 2018.  This will be on the website by the end of this month.

Visits continue by members of the Trust education sub-committee to other new schools that have opened in the last five years, to identify good practice (in other words pinch any good ideas we can see as being proven to work).

The marketing sub-committee is in discussion with uniform suppliers regarding the style, design and pricing of the new school uniform and plans regarding the naming of the ‘fourth school’ continue apace.

Tony Smith

15th March 2017